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Even in today’s world where the #MeToo movement is raising awareness of the magnitude of sexual abuse, children remain the silent majority of victims of sexual predators and pedophiles.

In 2017, many women broke their silence and came forward to accuse the powerful men who had sexually abused them and to demand they be held accountable for their crimes. This resulted in the reappearance of the #MeToo movement, which originated with Tarana Burke in 2006 and was reignited by Alyssa Milano in 2017 when she posted to social media and asked anyone who had been a victim of sexual abuse to respond with #MeToo, to provide a sense of the magnitude of the problem. This has brought long overdue attention to the inappropriate and criminal behavior suffered by many women and men who were sexually abused by people who had power over them in some way. The #MeToo movement has united many victims of sexual abuse and empowered them to come forward. While this movement has many people from the entertainment arena speaking out, others are also coming forward, including photographers, models, government officials, and even young girls training for the Olympics who were sexually abused by their sports doctor.

Previously, sexual abuse has been overlooked or removed from the spotlight after reaching the height of media attention with public figures like Sandusky, Catholic priests, Boy Scout leaders, and others who have power over children. However, the current #MeToo movement has kept the media coverage going and has resulted in penalties for those who have been identified as the perpetrators.

While the #MeToo movement may be helpful for adults, it is less likely that children who are victims of sexual abuse will come forward unless they are part of a larger group speaking out.  Children are the silent majority of victims of sexual predators and pedophiles. This book is a call for true justice to protect and support survivors of childhood sexual abuse.