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Childhood Sexual Abuse Believing Victims and Supporting Survivors

Even in today’s world where the #Me Too movement is raising awareness of the magnitude of sexual abuse, children remain the silent majority of victims of sexual predators and pedophiles. Although there has been an increase in public discussions through the media and high profile cases, the sexual abuse of children remains a difficult topic for victims and their families.


Dr. Deborah Inman incorporates knowledge and expertise from personal and professional experience with current research and statistics to raise awareness about the continuing prevalence of child sexual abuse and the lifelong impact on victims/survivors. In a thoughtful presentation designed to help parents and mental health professionals navigate through the challenges of this type of abuse, Dr. Inman:


  • Documents the pervasiveness of childhood sexual abuse in the United States;
  • provides resources for parents to protect and support their children;
  • shares insight to help a support system guide children after they reveal their secret;
  • explains how a survivor’s parents are impacted by abuse;
  • offers guidance on how to help the child begin healing;
  • provides detailed examinations of real-life cases; and
  • challenges the legal system to hold abusers responsible for their actions.


In this comprehensive guidebook, Dr. Inman shares wisdom and tips that will help childhood sexual abuse victims and their support systems navigate through the trauma and ultimately toward healing.